Hello World!

Hello World

Hi! I’m Kris. And this is the first post on my personal blog. Since I’m sitting alone at the moment, I’ll just go ahead and interview myself to get this started.

kp: Why did you decide to start this?
KP: Hmmmm…. Great question. I don’t know. Perhaps it was my inner desire to share my life and learnings with the world. I’ve been very fortunate in life. I have an amazing wife who was my high school sweetheart, my daughter is ridiculously awesome and I literally love what I do for a job. Along the way, I’ve had some pretty sweet life experiences and learned a ton about Internet startups, hard work and having fun.

kp: You say that your daughter is “ridiculously awesome.” Why is that?
KP: I see where this is going Kris. You’re one of those people who hates on others who talk about their kids all the time, right? I totally get it and I won’t be doing that here. However, I will say that having a child is truly a magical experience. As someone who was afraid of babies most of my life, a fascination with your kids was something I couldn’t understand until I had one. And I promise every single one of the haters will feel the exact same way if they choose to become parents. For all the others that don’t understand and never will, meh…

kp: Afraid of babies?
KP: Yeah. I was terrified that I’d break them. Can we move on?

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